In this category you will find some information about the activities of the member organizations not only in the field of measurement but also concerning their mission statements, general goals and some development perspectives ...

Our activities are obviously related to our objectives i.e. representing Belgium in IMEKO (International Measurement Confederation) as the official National Member Organisation of this association, and promoting -in Belgium- national and international exchanges and diffusion of scientific and technical information on Measurement and Instrumentation.

The FPS Economy supports production and trade and enhances the competitiveness of Belgian companies in providing the technical infrastructure and scientific expertise necessary to implement primary measurement standards of the highest precision, as well as services that are compatible with those of other countries.

KaHo Sint-Lieven is a university college in Flanders with about 7000 students and more than 700 staff members. We offer bachelor and master study programmes in Gent, Aalst and Sint-Niklaas. The postgraduate course centre offers several short and longer postgraduate courses.

In 1997, University Colleges (Master in Industrial Engineering) were urged to start up activities of applied research in close cooperation with Flemish industry. The Flemish Institute for the Promotion of Industrial Innovation (IWT) was asked by the Flemish Government to manage these actions. With the kick-off of the first research project "Optical characterization of solar cells", the "Light & Lighting Laboratory" started his activities officially.

Laborelec is a technical competence centre in electrical power and energy technology. Our research and operational assistance helps improve the flexibility, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness of energy technologies in generation, transmission and distribution, and energy end-use.

The Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) is a microcosm of the world it serves. It is a centre of knowledge and innovation, a place of cultural celebration and invention, of achievement and extending the limits of human accomplishment.

But above all, UCL's mission to be a great European university is directed towards the future. It takes in teachers, researchers and students from far and wide and the need for strict quality control has never been higher.

The University of Liege is the only public, pluralist and complete university institution of the French Walloon-Brussels community. It is a part of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy. It aims at maintaining a fair balance between teaching, research and community service activities, in the broad lines recognised by its complete university status.

Extract from "Welcome !" from Professor Paul De Knop, Rector Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is a dynamic and modern university with two parkland campuses in the Brussels Capital Region: the main campus in Etterbeek is home to seven faculties. In Jette you can find the medical campus and the University Hospital.

High quality education and research are central issues. Our research teams are internationally recognised in many disciplines of fundamental and applied research.