The five current Member Organizations are :

  • the Scientific Metrology Service of the FPS Economy (represented by Miruna Dobre),
  • the Light&Lighting Laboratory from KU Leuven (represented by Peter Hanselaer)
  • the Electrical Metrology Service at Laborelec (represented by Philip Vergeylen),
  • the Mechatronics Pole at the Université catholique de Louvain (represented by Christian Eugène),
  • the Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory at the Université de Liège (represented by Philippe Vanderbemden)
  • and the ELEC Department of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (represented by Leo Van Biesen).


BEMEKO (Belgian Measurement Confederation) is a de facto association of a network of Belgian scientific and technical societies/institutions concerned with measurement science and technology.

The objectives of our association are :

  • to represent Belgium in IMEKO (International Measurement Confederation) as the official National Member Organisation of this association,
  • to promote in Belgium, by any appropriate way, national and international exchanges and diffusion of scientific and technical information on Measurement and Instrumentation.

The secretariat tasks are assumed by the Secretary and Information Officer. He also creates, maintains and constantly updates the BEMEKO website on the basis of data received namely from the members. He takes in this respect any initiative to promote the association and its members.

The Secretary and Information Officer of the BEMEKO association is ex-officio a fourth member of the Steering Committee but without right of vote.

BEMEKO is managed by a Steering Committee of three members elected for a renewable 3-years term by and among the BEMEKO members.The members of the Steering Committee are :

  • Prof. C. Eugène (Université catholique de Louvain),
  • Prof. Leo Van Biesen (Vrij Universiteit Brussel),
  • Prof. Philippe Vanderbemden (Université de Liège).

The President, Prof. Philippe Vanderbemden, has been elected in december 2011 to the simple majority by the Steering Committee among its members.

A member of this committee acts as Belgian Delegate to the IMEKO General Council (GC) which seats annually; Prof. C. Eugene is presently in charge of this mission.