Short review of their scope and activities

(as on January 2012, collected by Christian Eugène)


To remember:

  • normally each TC organises at least one conference (possibly jointly with other TC’s) between each triennial World Congress
  • At a World Congress, there is in principle at least one session for each TC, plus transversal special sessions.
  • A TC can nominate one or several member(s) from and at the initiative of each NMO (National Members Organization).

IMEKO logoIMEKO is a non-governmental federation of 39 Member Organizations individually concerned with the advancement of measurement technology.

Its fundamental objectives are the promotion of international interchange of scientific and technical information in the field of measurement and instrumentation and the enhancement of international co-operation among scientists and engineers from research and industry.

BEMEKO is the Belgian Organization member of IMEKO and represents Belgium in this international organization. Prof. C. Eugène is the Belgian delegate to IMEKO General Council.

More can be read on this link.

The International Measurement Confederation extends to Prof. Leo Van Biesen this Distinguished Service Award:

  • IMEKO logoAs recognition and appreciation for his valuable contribution to the international exchangeof scientific and technical information relating to developments in measuring techniques,instrument design and manufacture and in the application of instrumentation in scientific research and in industry.
  • For his continuous support in IMEKO as member of several TCs, delegate of the Belgian Member Organization to the General Council, President Elect and Chairman of the Technical Board from 2000 to 2003, President of the Confederation from 2003 to 2006 and Past President and Chairman of the Advisory Board from 2006 to 2009.