Laborelec is a leading research and competence centre in electrical power technology. It was established in 1962 in order to support Belgian electricity companies with research, development, and specialized services. Today, it is part of the GDF SUEZ Group, a world leader in energy. Shareholders are Cofely Services and Tractebel Engineering.

Functionally, Laborelec falls under the GDF SUEZ Group’s Research and Innovation Division (DRI). DRI counts ten research labs employing more than 1,200 researchers who are specialized in each of the technical domains related to the GDF SUEZ activities.

In addition to our services, our research activities are another major contributor to our knowledge base. In 2010, the share of our research activities in our overall revenues grew. This achievement was triggered by our shift to more deliverable-driven contract research that focuses on finding solutions to near-future challenges in operational excellence.

This text is extracted from the message from Bart Boesmans and Marc De Witte in the Activity Report 2010 of Laborelec ...

Laborelec has all the equipment and knowledge needed to retrieve, store, analyze, and manage electrical power data. Our activities range from monitoring power quality and the performance of renewable energy generation units to smart metering and calibration.